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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken some of the questions we get asked most frequently and compiled them in one place. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

What should I expect as a new patient?

Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill out any paperwork. Initial evaluations are scheduled for a full hour. During your evaluation, our PTs will assess the degree and type of dysfunction you are experiencing and discuss why you you may be experiencing your specific symptoms.

What is your new patient procedure?

All new patients begin with an initial 1-hour evaluation, during which we will measure and record your strength, range of motion and movement patterns so that we have baseline metrics to refer to during your course of treatment. These metrics will allow us to track progress and adjust your treatment plan as you improve.

Allowing a full hour at the initial evaluation allows us to begin a course of treatment that may include manual therapy, stretching, strengthening or a combination of the above as well as provides time to discuss why you may be experiencing dysfunction and how we will address improving your function and provide a home exercise plan as appropriate.

What should I wear to my first visit?

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow our PTs access to the area they will be treating. For example, if we are treating a knee, it is important that we are able to assess not only the joint but also the soft tissue of the joint. With this in mind, knee patients typically wear either shorts or loose fitting pants that allow us to access the knee.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

We will always accept referrals regardless of whether you need one but in some cases patients ask if they are necessary. Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Maryland is an open access state. Therefore if you have private insurance (BlueCross, Aetna etc.) you do not need a referral from your physician. 

  • If you are filing a claim due to injury you should get a referral.

  • If your insurance is government sponsored, for example MEDICARE or MEDICAID, you are required to have a referral from your doctor before we can treat you.

  • If you have questions related to referral requirements, please call us at 443-249-3281.

What types of health insurance do you accept?

Our list of accepted insurance continues to grow. We currently accept the following insurance:

Blue Cross Blue Shield 





Johns Hopkins

Blue Choice

Blue Cross Federal

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